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Level Up Challenge

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Downloads for online attendees
1) Super Saturday "Level Up" Agenda, 9/8/18
2)EXERCISE WORKSHEET: Captain and Crew 90 day Challenge Worksheet and Winners Circle Awards Goal Affirmations 

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Level Up Challenge

Starts: Sunday, Aug 19 - Saturday, Nov 10

Winner Circle Awards and Winners Win Workshop Events



"Level Up" to Launch Ahead! 
Let's Keep the Growing Going!

 See Below "How To Level UP:"
1)  Activities to Increase Your Belief
2)  Activities to Plan Your Work
3)  Activities to Work Your Plan



- Level Up “Within” to Level Up “WITHOUT”

- Spiritual or Mental Belief drives action

- Plans and ACTIONS follow predominant Beliefs

- Whatever a mind can conceive and BELIEVE…it can ACHIEVE! Level UP!

Get a Notebook and Write Everything DOWN


- Purchase a Composition Notebook
- Where are you at today?
- Where do you want to go? 
- Write your PLAN and Follow your PLAN
Prospect, Present, Close (PP&C)
Recruit, Recruit, Recruit 
- Write down your activities to get there!
- Build your Vortex customer base
- Be willing to pay the price


Starts: Sunday, Aug 19 - Saturday, Nov 10

Declare Your Surge365 Business Goal  ...Look above and declare your Winners Circle Awards you WILL receive in Vegas at the Winners Win Event 16-17 November.

- 3&FREE – NO $59.95 monthly fee
- Team Builder
- Regional Builder – 5 $1,000 Bonuses
- National Builder – 15 $1,000 Bonuses
- Marketing Director (500)
- Regional Director (2000)
- National Director (4000)
- Executive Director (10,000)
- Presidential Director (25,000)



- $1,000 Fast Start
- $1,000 Team Builder
- $10,000
- $50,000


1) Activities to Increase Your BELIEF

Form a clear mental picture of your successful SURGE365 business by November 30th and hold this picture in your thoughts with fixed PURPOSE to get what you want, and unwavering FAITH that YOU DO get what you want…Whatever the mind can conceive and believe—it can achieve!

COMPLETE  "Level Up" Vision Planning Worksheet 

 Write Your Personal Affirmations >>Download<<

Declare Daily Business Affirmations >> Download <<

Declare Millionaire Mindset Affirmation >> Download <<

Declare Mobile App Affirmations >> DownLoad <<

Affirmation Examples Passion Drive Actions

Business Affirmations

Biblical Affirmations

Affirmations - Jackie Fulton, Philly PA

Affirmations - Bernice Robinson, Boston MA 
Affirmations - Ava Gordon, Seattle WA

Print Your $10K Check

Print Your $10,000 check and write your name!

Coach encourages YOU to start your vision board with the $10,000 bonus check. 
We want to help you get started and have created a blank check for $10,000 where you can fill in your own name and date!

 CLICK HERE to download and print. Note: make sure that you choose the 'fit to paper' setting before printing.

2) Activities to Plan Your WORK

7 Key Steps to "Mind Your Business"

1. Finding Prospects
2. Inviting to view the business
3. Surge365 Presentation
4. Follow-Up / 3-Way with Upline
5. Closing & Asking to Join The Team
6. Getting New person started and plugged in
7. Building from event to event!

Dawn Brewer, Regional Builder
Awesome presentation breaking down the 7 income producing activities (to achieve RESULTS)
>>Download Full Presentation<<

>> Downloads <<
- Revenue Producing Activities Planner (pdf)
- Daily Goals Sheet- Download (Word) (pdf)
 Weekly Work Planner- Download (pdf)
FB Webinar Scheduler (pdf)
- Who Are Our Prospects? >> Download <<

3) Activities to Work Your PLAN


Follow the 5-Step Success Process 

1) Make Your List (Memory Jogger)
- Who are my prospects?                                       >> Download Surge S106 Training Doc- Who are my prospects? << 

2) Contact and Pique Interest (Use Mobile App, email, text, social media, etc)
They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. You go nowhere until you find what they need. Once you find what they need...you provide a solution. Be a "needs" provider...

A Great Question for individuals, businesses, ministry, and nonprofits: 

"Tell me about your VISION." 

3) Invite to see a Surge365 Presentation/Webinar  

>> Team GET Weekly Webinar Schedule <<   >> Invitation Script <<

4) Follow Up/3-way/Edify Up-line & Close

Closing Statements (ABC – Always Be Closing)

  • What did you like best about what you saw?
  • Do you see the VALUE this brings?
  • What would you like to have happen next?
  • What would stop you from partnering with me tonight? OR What would stop you from opening your business right now? (close the sale)
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being "you're ready to open your travel business")...where are you? If not a 10...the question is "Tell me...How do I get you to 10?"
Duplicate-Teach Team to do steps 1-5



1) Activities to Generate Leads
2) Revenue Producing Activities Tracker
3) Travel Party Survey for Prospects/Customers
4) Prospect Tracker 
>> Download <<
5) Check off Sheet (Excel) (pdf)
6) Vacation Survey for Prospects/Customers


Level Up Challenge Presentation 



The Science of 
Getting Rich >>download PDF<<
 - It is no secret how to acquire wealth. Check it out!
"The Science" YouTube        E-Book 
>> YouTube E-Book - CLICK HERE<<

Create vs Compete


"The Game of Life and How to Play It." Florence Shinn

"The Game of Life" YouTube Audio-Book Version

Listen to E-Book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZI1cjpRMo<<

>> Download PDF <<

Watch this EXCELLENT Video on Planting and Cultivating Your             "LIFE & Dream" SEEDs!

Director Von Nickleberry

Things to remember when Building your Team... 1. In the Beginning You will be doing most of the work 2. You will be learning the System - You will be finding...


Von's Recommend Reading
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 

>> Download PDF <<



YouTube Link:  


 Tashunna Richardson Receiving $50 K Bonus

>> CLICK << HEAR Tashunna's Story


Team GET Mobile App Campaign 

>> DOWNLOAD << Mobile App Campaign and follow Steps 1-10

WHAT? Surge365 Mobile App campaign blitz to identify interested, qualified prospects to join Surge365 as Platinum Business Owners

CAMPAIGN GOAL:  Fifteen (15) $1,000 Bonuses (100 new Platinum TBG sales)


-          National Builder Status!

-          Recognition and Awards at the 2017 Winter Regional in New Orleans!
-          Receive $10,000 & $50,000 Bonus for 100 New Team Builder Group Sales!

Change Your Mind Change Your Money!

DAILY AFFIRMATIONS (read aloud twice daily) 

        -          I have a natural ability to attract awesome leaders and business builders.
        -          I effectively use the Surge365 Mobile App to identify interested prospects.
        -      I send out the Mobile App Video to a minimum of  ________ prospects daily.

-          My Surge365 business is a win-win for both me and the prospect.  Everyone wins!
-          Prospect families will thank me for generations to come…for sharing the opportunity!
-          I am a natural, expert closer.  I have a talent for closing and sealing the deal…”right now.”
-     I follow up with 100% of interested prospects within 2-3 days.
-          I am bold and confident to ask interested, qualified prospects to join the team
-     I close 100% of interested prospects. I'm a great listener.  A-B-C: Always be closing.
-          I will pay the price to join the team for all company events!

I have a wonderful Surge Business-in a wonderful way-I give wonderful service-for wonderful pay!

Affirmations Work:  Affirmations reprogram your thought patterns, they change the way you think and feel about prospects. You love sharing Surge365 and building positive relationships! Let’s Go!

BUILD YOUR SURGE365 BUSINESS - Do one (1) of the following business building activities DAILY

     1)  Get a Team Builder prospect to a weekly meeting, Webinar, or a one-on-one presentation

     2)  Do a Home Vacation Party or Private Reception for Team Builder prospect(s)

     3)  Conduct Three 3-way calls with Team Builder prospects

     4)  Have three Team Builder prospects to watch 100% of the Surge365 opportunity video

     5)  Get 5 prospects to fill out a Vacation Survey (download at ettc-cs.com)

     6)  One Team Builder sale (personal sale or sale by member of Team Builder Group)

Use the Surge365 Mobile App to sort and identify interested prospects.  FOLLOW step-by-step mobile app process to contact prospects

SET MEASURABLE GOAL:  Commit to a DAILY number of prospects to contact with the Surge Mobile App


  • I COMMIT to send out the Mobile App Video to a minimum of _________ prospects daily.
  • I COMMIT to follow up with 100% of interested prospects.

>> DOWNLOAD << Mobile App Campaign and follow Steps 1-10

Follow Up with 100% of prospect who watch the video:  (you will receive an ALERT)

“I see you watched the video. What did you like best.” (Wait for Answer)

“Great! I liked that too!”  “Would you like more information?”  (Wait for Answer)

FOLLOW UP ACTIONS:  Plug interested prospects into a meeting…for more information

·      3-way with upline (use Mobile App “3-Way Call” Feature)

·      Invite to Webinar, local meeting, private home reception, one-on-two, etc…

  o Team GET Webinar Invitation:  "There’s going to be an online presentation taking place on _____ at ______ ET (day/time) that you can see right from the comfort of your home… from your computer …that explains everything.  I’ll send you information to join a live webinar." (You can find the full Team GET webinar schedule at ettc-cs.com-Webinar Tab).

o Or if they want more info…SEND BIZ Op Webinar Funnel Video- “Timing is Perfect” (find on the Mobile App) 

Congratulations! You’re on your way!

>> DOWNLOAD << Mobile App Campaign and follow Steps 1-10

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